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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bright Dresses = Statement

How cute is this bright magenta-ish, purple=ish, pink-ish dress?! It's a tongue twister, but the color is so vibrant and unique - it deserved a unique description. I picked it up from Vici. Click HERE to check out the site. A lovely lady told me about this store and I really like it! The shipping is efficient and organized. The items are nicely folded in the packaging, and are high quality. Items from Vici sell out fast, so if you don't purchase quick, they will be gone! The only ehh thing I would say about this store is that pre-orders do take a while to receive. So, if you see a gorgeous item that you want to wear for a special occasion coming up in the next month or two, don't purchase a pre-order. Besides that, it's a reliable and well made store.

Everyone needs one statement piece in their closet. One they can dust off every now and then for a shock factor or a special occasion. A piece that makes the eyes pop and would make you feel better when your having a bad day. Beyoncé knows the deal, she talks about it in her lyrics from the song Jealous. I have a few up my sleeve, or I should say, in the back of my closet. ;)

This dress does not have to be a wild design or skimpy. Honestly, it should not be skimpy because that's not the type of wow factor we're going for here. A dress that you would feel good wearing because it simply looks good! Classy, sophisticated and chic.

Here are some statement dress ideas all from Missguided:

I also picked this one up early in the summer to wear at my birthday dinner with Joe - it's from Vici. See below.

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