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Friday, February 23, 2018

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw: Gray & Flowy Dresses

Happy weekend! I am excited to share this fun look with you! If you are looking for a fun flowy dress or a dress with this same gray tone, you came to the right place! I rounded up a bunch of cute options from Vici.

Have you seen the classic theme song/video of Sex and the City where Carrie sees herself on a bus advertisement - gets splashed with water and does this slow motion turn while her chic outfit flows? Well, this dress gives me Carrie vibes. Her style is so on point and unpredictable. I actually did not plan to do the classic Carrie spin in this dress. After seeing the first few photos, I started to feel like Carrie in that scene, so I did a couple of spins ;). It even rained that day so there were puddles everywhere. This was such a fun dress to take photos in! Therefore, I rounded up a bunch of flowy spring dresses that you can do the Carrie spin with! Click the images to shop below!

Heather gray goes with everything. You can basically wear it with any color heel, jacket, purse, jewelry, hairstyle, etc., that you want! It's always good to have some gray pieces in your closet! When I do not know what to wear, I always lean towards something gray. Here are some amazing heather gray dresses that are super cute! Click the images to shop!

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  1. I love this tulle dress on you, it looks so graceful ! It does remind me of Carrie a lot! Great styling 👍


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