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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Detox Essentials

The time of year to clear the body of toxins built up from hibernating in the winter is here! You know all that Thanksgiving pie, Christmas baking, New Year's Celebrating? It all is wonderful and delicious. I love the winter months, cuddling up in a big sweater by the fire. Then the warmer weather comes but, you feel all stuffy and clogged. Well, I have a few tips and tricks to help the transition from cold to warm weather feel like a breeze!

Warm Up a Cup of Tea

It does not have to be a "detox" tea. Any type of tea does the trick. Increasing liquids will help increase blood flow and flush out the winter toxins. I like to reach for jasmine green tea, lemon ginger or rooibos tea.

Mix Up a Juice or Smoothie

Grab your favorite fruits and vegetables in a blender and mix up! Drinking nutrients will provide the vitamins and minerals you need to flourish, keep you hydrated and flush out toxins! If you are incorporating fruit, the key is to balance your mixture with vegetables so you do not consume as much sugar. I like to drink 32 ounces of my favorite juice combo on the reg. Spinach, carrot, cucumber and parsley.

Relax in an Epsom Salt Bath

Once a week, I treat myself to a cup of tea during a relaxing bath. My combo: add a couple candles, a serving of Epsom salt, turn up the music and turn off the lights. This combo helps clear the skin and release toxins/negative energies from the body.

Increase Blood Flow with Dry Brushing

About 1-2 times a week, before I take a shower, I dry brush my arms, chest, back and legs in circular motions towards my heart. This instantly increases blood flow, and helps remove dead skin cells and environmental particles that stick to your body throughout the day.

Incorporate one of these into your routine and you will begin to feel better in no time! I found another fun image from Pinterest! This one is about types of tea!

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