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Friday, January 5, 2018

Fitness: Outfit + Arm/Shoulder Workout

Happy Friday!

It was a winter wonderland on the east coast the past two days and I was unable to get to the gym. I decided to put on this cute workout outfit and break a sweat with the equipment I own. I picked up this black tank crop top and black/gray leggings from Target. I find really good active gear from Target and think the activewear section is underrated. The quality is great and it's so affordable. I linked really cute black tank tops HERE, HEREHERE and HERE. The legging's I'm wearing are the women's comfort ribbed long leggings by JoyLab. I linked some black active leggings HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I definitely recommend active leggings and tops when working out. They absorb sweat, so you don't finish your workout looking gross with sweat stains.

The statement of this outfit....the kicks! These Nike air huarache running shoes are the best. I got mine in the color neon from Kicks USA last year, but they are out of stock. Click HERE to see more huarache styles and color options from Kicks USA.

For this workout, I focused on biceps, triceps and shoulder boulder babies. All I used was two 12 lb. dumbbells and one 10 lb. medicine ball. You can use whatever weight in lbs. that is best for you. Less is more here, the goal is to feel it in the muscle, not pull at your joints. I began my workout with green tea to get that extra boost of energy. I utilized supersets (high impact movements with little time in-between) to get that sweat going, which, acts like a cardio. I warmed up with 40 jumping jacks and 40 body squats.

Arm Workout:

Superset One (repeat for 3 sets)
-12 squatting isolated bicep curls with dumbbell & 12 standing single-arm bicep curls with dumbbell

Superset Two (repeat for 3 sets)
-10 horizontal tricep extensions with 1 dumbbell & 10 lateral tricep extensions with 1 dumbbell

Superset Three (repeat for 3 sets)
-15 standing bicep curls with ball & 15 overhead tricep extensions with ball

Shoulder Workout:

Superset One (repeat for 3 sets)
-12 underhand dumbbell front raises & 12 bent over dumbbell rear delt pulls

Superset Two (repeat for 3 sets)
-10 leaning dumbbell lateral raises & 10 single arm rotating front shoulder press

Superset Three (repeat for 3 sets)
-8 around the world to shoulder press & 8 side lateral raises to front/back to side/down

This workout took me about 35-40 minutes to complete. Make sure to eat a well balanced meal before and after your workout. Enjoy the active gear and routine! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this in the future!

Ciao for now,

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