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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Top 5 Winter Haircare Tips


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I am sharing my top 5 winter haircare tips. If you are like me and have super dry hair in the winter - I feel your pain! My hair can get very brittle, dry, filled with static and down right annoying if I do not take care of it the right way.

These tips will support dry hair to stay healthy, thick and hydrated...!

1. Wash your hair less often. When I wash or wet my hair too often, it will turn into a static frenzy and stick to every piece of clothing. I normally wash my hair twice a week. That gives enough time between washes for the natural oils to flourish. If I were to wash my hair less than that, it would get super oily. I found this balance during the winter season works really well. In the summer, I do not have the same issue. Does anyone experience the same situation?

2. Deep condition your hair every time you wash. Do not, I repeat, do not wash or wet your hair too often, it will not be easy to style! Deep condition your hair twice a week. I have been loving the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask.

3. Trim your hair regularly. I get haircuts every 3-4 months. I go to a certain stylist at a franchise shop. She knows I always fear my haircut being too short (I want to keep it nice and long) and trims about 2 inches off the bottom with layers and angles. When it comes to my hair, I don't dye it (although, I venture off into that thought from time to time because of my gray hairs). I do my bangs myself because I am super particular about them. Let me know if you want to know how I cut my bangs in a future post!

4. Style your hair using as little heat and hairspray as possible. When I use too much hairspray, my hair gets super knotty and tough even after I shower. I try not to use hair spray in the winter because it also makes my hair become thin and brittle. A lot of the time, I shower at night. I put my wet hair in a pony tale or bun before bed. When I wake up, my hair is just about dry, so I don't use a blow dryer.

5. Water, water and more water. Flavor your water, add berries, watermelon or lemon/lime! Water plays such a part in keeping hair (and skin) healthy, thick, smooth and soft. Believe it or not, we detox toxins through our scalp and hair. Drinking water allows these toxins to exit the body. This supports healthy hair growth, volume and strength. I strive for 6 glasses x 16 ounces of water a day.

Let me know if there are any hair related posts you would like to see! Possibly, products and oils I use in my hair? Or a how-to tutorial of my go-to curly hair routine?

Ciao for now,

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